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ABHI & Daftarkhwan partner to empower coworking ecosystem


ABHI joins hands with Daftarkhwan, one of the biggest co-working spaces in Pakistan, to provide financial wellness, exclusively to its 200+ resident companies with over 2500 members.

Daftarkhwan currently houses  2500+ professionals across 7 locations in 3 main cities across Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. They are home to leading companies like Uber, Trella, Jugnu, Sadapay, and Tintash to name a few. Moreover, Daftarkhwan provides founders and professionals with modern office spaces in premium locations, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities suited to every business need.

Furthermore, with the current sky-high inflation, prices have gone up across the board. Moreover, day by day it’s getting harder for individuals and businesses to operate with limited working capital, late credit payments, or salary delays. This is where ABHI steps in to provide relief whether it be a salaried employee or a business owner. Moreover, ABHI offers a complete solution to promote financial wellness to companies within Daftarkhwan through their 4 main products – earned wage access, payroll financing, payroll processing, and invoice factoring.

On this occasion, Omair Ansari, CEO of ABHI mentioned, “ABHI is proud to partner with Pakistan’s largest co-working space – Daftarkhwan, to financially empower its 200+ member companies. The strategic partnership of Daftarkhwan and ABHI will prove to be a success and eventually unlock multiple opportunities to reach the goal of making Pakistan financially empowered.”

Saad Idrees, CEO, and co-founder of Daftarkhwan remarks, “Daftarkhwan has always focused on helping founders grow and scale their businesses. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of our members. With many companies and employees across the nation feeling the effects of the economic turmoil, we are very excited about this strategic partnership with ABHI that allows our members to attain and maintain financial wellness.”

In conclusion, ABHI is looking forward to collaborating with multiple partners to boost access to financial wellness in the country.

 About ABHI
  • Founded in 2021, ABHI is Pakistan’s first financial wellness platform which empowers businesses and their employees through Earned Wage Access (EWA), Payroll Financing, Payroll Processing, and Invoice Factoring
  • Employees can transfer their earned salaries into their bank account/wallet in 30 seconds through EWA.
  • EWA has no running cost for business and does not impact the cash flow.
  • By helping employers to provide the option of EWA and other products for employees, ABHI has helped reduce workloads on HR and finance, while facilitating their employees’ cash needs.
  • ABHI has now signed 280+ companies.
About Daftarkhwan
  • Founded in 2016, Daftarkhwan is Pakistan’s premium coworking space, which is home to a community of entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprising companies, delivering high-end agile workplaces, suited to the evolving needs of the modern day.
  • Daftarkhwan has launched 7 sites across 3 major cities in Pakistan, housing over 2500 members from 200+ companies in tech, e-commerce, and the development sector.
  • Fitted with coworking halls and a thriving culture of collaboration with an abundance of private offices, huddle rooms, and skype pods, Daftarkhwan offers a flexible workplace for everyone. All clients have access to state-of-the-art conference rooms and nationwide meeting rooms, easily bookable through our app.
  • Beyond workstations, Daftarkhwan offers members a comprehensive set of services including 24-hour access, wifi, security, parking, an in-house cafe, a kids’ playroom, and housekeeping, to name a few.

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