Home Press Release 6 million PKR sponsored by Superior University at Annual Research Recognition Reward

6 million PKR sponsored by Superior University at Annual Research Recognition Reward


Superior University sponsored PKR 6 million at Annual Research Recognition Rewards to honor the leaders of research. The annual research recognition awards are arranged by superior group of colleges, to appreciate researchers of the country and expand their vision.

Superior university has always been in the vision of becoming the best research University of Country. In line with the vision superior college sponsored PKR 6 million at Annual research recognition to empower researcher’s confidence and grow the ecosystem of organic research.

Superior university organized Research Week 2022 from 4th to 9th March 2022 which was specifically designed to facilitate and promote research culture in the national academia by acknowledging the contributions of both established as well as budding researchers in Pakistan.

Researchers from leading research academies participated in research week in order to strengthen socio-economic aspect of research and give lasting results through their research contribution.

Annual Research Recognition Awards were setup on the last day of research week to appreciate the efforts of researchers. The research week will build up the ecosystem of applied research. Superior vision is to be consistent upon its goal of research oriented university. This year, the Superior Foundation for Research & Development – SFRD – sponsored over Rs. 6 million – a three-fold increase from the yesteryear – in research awards for research scholars.

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Superior University Sponsorship
Superior University Sponsor 6 million PKR at Research Recognition Awards
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