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Huawei Inks an MoU With NIC To Accelerate Cloud and AI enablement of Pakistani Start-ups


Aiming to promote the startup ecosystem of Pakistan,


Huawei Cloud signed an MoU with National Incubation Centers in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, at the Huawei Cloud Summit Middle East, Dubai.

Huawei Cloud Summit, the first major offline ecosystem event of 2022 in Dubai, centred on digital transformation for organizations within the region and included various leaders from the Pakistani startup ecosystem.

These attendees included Head of Program NIC Pakistan Zeeshan Bin Shahid, NIC Karachi Project Director Omar Abedin, Program Manager Syed Azfar Hussain, Director NIC Lahore and Quetta Mr. Nauman Zaffar, along with other senior NIC and Huawei officers.

For the first time, any cloud company has brought together major incubation centres on one table to discuss the ideas and challenges they encountered.

The partnership aims to enable a “Digital Pakistan” and to bolster the implementation of Cloud technology as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) through knowledge sharing.

Under the program, Huawei Pakistan will provide the NIC with the startup’s special cloud service packages and allow their participation in its international competitions.

It was also mentioned that Huawei will enrol relevant selected start-ups on the Huawei Cloud Spark Program, its global accelerator that provides training on cloud computing and talent, as well as funding support for tech-enabled start-ups ready to scale. The goal is to expand relationships through collectively agreed talent capacity building. Such actions will culminate in a pool of highly competent and in-demand professionals who are capable of creating job opportunities.

NIC Karachi Project Director Omar Abedin applauded the initiative and said, “Partnerships with Huawei like these are essential for not just the growth of Pakistani startups but they reiterate the confidence the world has in Pakistani talent.”

“NIC believes great things happen when we team up. This collaborative synergy with Huawei secure and stable solution will enable the Pakistani startup ecosystem to achieve new heights” said Zeeshan Bin Shahid- Head of Program, NIC Pakistan.

Commenting on the partnership, Director NIC Lahore and Quetta Mr. Nauman Zaffar, said, “Our partnership with Huawei Cloud is a colossal step to enable start-ups and small-medium enterprises in Pakistan to leapfrog towards tech adoption and optimization. The opportunity to innovate and digitize with Huawei Cloud services is limitless, and the window for Pakistani start-ups to accelerate growth and scale-up is now. We are thrilled to have partnered with one of the top five cloud services in the world, so our start-ups can actively contribute to a reliable and strong ecosystem that is propelled by data and driven by technology.”

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