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OPPO Wins Disruptive Device Innovation GLOMO Award

Oppo Find N wins the “Disruptive Device Innovation Award” in GLOMO Awards at MWC for its Hinge and Display Integration.

OPPO Wins Disruptive Device Innovation GLOMO Award

One of the biggest Chinese phone brands – OPPO, secured the Disruptive Device Innovation Award at the 2022 Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards, Barcelona.

The award recognizes the OPPO’s Find N unique external design, distinct, self-developed Flexion Hinge, and display integration on Find N. The award was announced during a virtual ceremony co-hosted by Sasha Twining and Justin Springham from Mobile World Live and streamed to audiences around the globe via LinkedIn.

Find N, winner for this year, is OPPO’s first flagship foldable smartphone. Its ergonomic design provides convenient use with a single hand, or a highly immersive, large screen experience when unfolded.

While commenting on the achievement of winning this prestigious award, Vice President of Overseas Sales and Service at OPPO, Mr. Billy Zhang, said, “We are extremely honoured that Find N has received the Disruptive Device Innovation Award at this year’s GLOMOs. This is a huge recognition of OPPO’s products and technology not only from our peers in the industry but also end-users themselves.”

He further said “Following four years of R&D and six iterations, we are delighted to see that OPPO Find N is finally making foldable devices suitable for everyday people, rather than devices purely for tech enthusiasts. User experience has always been at the center of everything we do at OPPO, and it will continue to do so as we further explore how to deliver truly practical value to people through technological innovation.”

GLOMOs Head Judge and Executive Chairman at CCS Insight, Mr. Shaun Collins, said, “The strict judging process makes the GLOMOs one of the most respected awards in the industry. The judges were particularly impressed by the innovations of OPPO’s foldable Find N. This execution of the technology by OPPO was praised by the judges for its durability and ease of use in a rapidly maturing sector of the market. The judges also noted that OPPO had delivered it in the most affordable large foldable phone on the market.”

Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards

OPPO – Second Largest Android 5G Smartphone Company

OPPO’s diverse portfolio of 5G smartphones has helped it become the second-largest Android 5G smartphone company for two consecutive years. Its major product lines include smartphones, smart devices, audio devices, power banks, and other electronic products.

Facing greater integration between virtual and real worlds and the arrival of an all-encompassing 5G Internet of Experience, OPPO continues to strive to create a better, smarter connected future for more people through enhanced technology and user experience.

Find N – OPPO’s First Foldable Flagship Smartphone

OPPO introduced its own Flexion Hinge design to the device which not only improves reliability and reduces the appearance of screen creases, but also enables the screen to freely stand at varying angles (between 50-120 degrees) of the display. Over one million orders have been placed for Find N to date.

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