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3-days FutureFest Tech Expo and conference inaugurated by Ejaz Labs


The FutureFest tech expo and conference will be held in Islamabad, Pakistan on May 13th, 14th, and 15th. The three days event will include more than 100 stalls. Four conferences, 250 speakers, and more than 20 different activities for tech start-ups, entrepreneurs and  investors. More than 150 guests are participating in the expo from all around the world to learn about Pakistani innovation.

Other than stalls, conferences, and speakers, the three-day expo will include more than 20 different activities, such as discussions and booths.

Futurefest conference brings start-up grinds, funded start-ups, innovators, and governments together to discuss the future of business. They aim to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and better public policy with sessions about the newest technology

The Futurefest Conference will be hosting speakers from around the world. From Retail and E-Commerce conferences to the beginnings of Blockchain to Innovation Galas and even more. The conference predicts to offer a diverse range of events catered to whatever you’re interested in.

Futurefest Tech will discuss funding, start-ups, innovation, and the future of tech. There are three different conferences: a start-up conference, an e-commerce conference, and a developer’s conference.

Futurefest is a conference that promotes innovation in the tech industry and has multiple conferences to host people of all types. Different conferences include Startup Grind, E-Commerce Conference, and Developer Conference.

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