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2023 Elections to be Conducted on Voting Machines


The PTI government has constantly been working on conducting electronic elections on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). The effort to do so has been underway since all of last year. In October 2021 the Prime Minister vowed that the general elections would be held on EVMs at any cost. In a core committee meeting of the ruling party, the Prime Minister stated that electronic voting machines will also help overseas Pakistanis to cast their votes from abroad in the next elections.

According to a source the Prime Minister had stated,

“Next election will be held through EVMs at any cost. Overseas Pakistanis (should) be ready as they will cast their votes in the next elections.”

The government has passed an electoral bill today which has granted voting rights to overseas Pakistanis and the use of electronic voting machines. However, the use of voting machines was met with disagreement from the opposition who tore the copies of the agenda and walked away from the session. The bill on using Electronic machines was earlier deferred by Adviser to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs Babar Awan and was later put up for a vote. However, the electoral reforms bill passed with 221 votes in favor while 203 lawmakers voted against it.

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