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“2022 reminded us that connectivity is a necessary service in times of need”- CEO Jazz

The year 2022 saw its share of difficulties.


As 2022 draws to a close, Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim considers the strides the teleco has successfully taken to establish itself as Pakistan’s premier Digital Operator.

Aamir expressed gratitude to the staff for taking ownership and making this happen, saying, “Serving over 75 million consumers is not just an honor but also a great duty.”

The year 2022 saw its share of difficulties. Jazz was forced to declare a Digital Emergency because of the global wars and localized uncertainty.

Our key principles of innovation, entrepreneurship, and customer obsession were tested, but we are still the top telco in Pakistan despite the difficulties.

Aamir continued, “Jazz stood forward and contributed PKR 1 billion to fund the flood relief work. After the catastrophic floods that took away a third of the country. We offered assistance as a mission-driven organization. By donating much-needed money, tents, supplies, and connectivity.”

“In addition to the hundreds of volunteers, I’d like to congratulate them. In particular, our colleagues from Technology and Commercial made sure our services were accessible in all flood-affected areas. We were once again reminded how important basic connectivity is, particularly in times of humanitarian catastrophe.”

Aamir said that overcoming obstacles with a spirit of cooperation rather than avoiding them is what defines success.

Unexpected challenges will undoubtedly arise in 2023, but if past performance in 2022 is any indication, he asserted, “I feel confident being surrounded by a team that can make the unthinkable possible.”
Aamir urged the staff to recognize their successes as he listed the significant accomplishments made in 2022.

“We effectively shifted our portfolio from selling minutes, SMS, and terabytes to curating events and memories that our clients treasure.”

“We are well poised to engage with our customers 1440 minutes of the day through innovative products and services,” he said. “With the recent launch of BiP, a revolutionary engagement and messaging platform. The rapid growth of our streaming platform Tamasha, and the ongoing success of Pakistan’s No. 1 Fintech, JazzCash.”

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